Once you have chosen the photo, you can select the print size. The choice of printing support is made by the author who will offer the most suitable material for his work. The print medium chosen by the author is indicated in the respective galleries or in the single photography. The edition of the work is indicated in the description of each individual work.

Each photo will be printed in Edition of 20

Square format:

  • 30×30 cm. Euro 200,00
  • 40×40 cm. Euro 300,00
  • 60×60 cm. Euro 400,00
  • 80×80 cm. Euro 500,00

Landscape format:

  • length of 30 cm. Euro 180,00
  • length of 45 cm. Euro 250,00
  • length of 60 cm. Euro 350,00
  • length of 80 cm. Euro 600,00
  • length of 90 cm. Euro 700,00

For any other format not indicated in this price list, you can contact us directly to request information, just click ‘CONTACTS’ in the top menu. We do not use an e-commerce function because we prefer to have direct and personal contact with our customers, the fine art is not a mass-produced product, each print is a work of art and customers must be followed personally and punctually in each step.