I started taking pictures at 14, for fun and for the pleasure of communicating. Painting and music did not come easily to me but the very first time I looked through the viewfinder of a camera, I knew this was for me and since then, for the last 36 years, I have been taking photos. Photography is my life: it is how I express myself best. The excitement I felt on first seeing an image appear in a dark room, or when creating my first still life, is exactly the same that I still feel today, whenever I start a new project. The world of photography has changed, and so has the technology that photographers use every day but what happens in front of the camera is always the most important part of any good photograph. In 2005 I embraced digital photography and since then spend many long hours battling with a computer. Despite this, I consider myself an analogical photographer. This is the reason way I always try to capture as much as I can during the shoot. Every good photographer has a personal style and that is what distinguishes his work from that of his colleagues, but style doesn’t live on technology or megapixels.

In the course of my career I’ve photographed everything, from cars to food, from factories to microprocessors, from workers to models.

But I always tried to do it in my own way.

For me photography is the constant search for an emotion, guided by technique, instinct and experience.

I am a lucky man because I do a job that I love and one which has allowed me to know people, places and situations that hardly I would have known otherwise.

These galleries are the most intimate and personal part of my work. Despite working daily as a commercial photographer, I always remain a lover of “photography”.

I started taking picture for passion and surely I continue for the same reason.