Domenico Durastante, roman photographer.

He was born in 1959 and before devoting himself to photography he developed innumerable interests.

The activity of public administrator leads him to establish relationships in school, multicultural, environmental and sporty fields, all things that are still found in his images.

From 2015 to 2019 he was a member of the board of the Al3photo Photographic Association.

Since 2019 he is President of the CFR – Collective Photographic Roman

He has been a FIAF member since 2017.

Take part in numerous photographic exhibitions, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • The final exhibition of the FIAF National Project “The Family in Italy”, in Bibbiena, where he exhibits 7 images;
  • The local exhibition of the FIAF National Project “The Family in Italy”, organized by Al3photo, in which exhibits numerous images;
  • The collective exhibition “The Best Photos of Rome” in Trastevere, where he exhibits 4 images;
  • Organizes and exhibits in the exhibition “Beyond dance”, a summary of a collective project on popular dance which consists of over 150 final images.

In 2019 he took part in some photo competitions, with numerous admitted photos and the UIP bronze medal at the 16th Trophy of Pratomagno – Color Section