At the end of the 1980s she attends a course which contributes to change the idea of what,until then, had been a simple hobby.

She focuses on travel photography, creating reportages in boundless lands, far from the usualtourist routes: a study on the essence of the individual within his habitat, conveyed by images rich in emotions.

Together with her work as a photographer, she carries out an intense cultural promotion activity, participating, among other things, in the establishment in 2010 of the photographic association L’Altro Scatto in Rome.

In 2018 she is awarded by FIAF the honor of (AFI) Italian Photographer and Artist.

Currently she is interested in photographic expressions other than reportage and is keen on experimenting new languages leading her to consider different photographic topics and techniques, experienced as new frontiers but always characterized by a personal style.

Photography is not just a description of reality but It also conveys thoughts and emotions.

She has participated in several exhibitions and some of her photos have been published in art magazines and catalogues.

Her works are in private collections in Miami, Rome, Taipei, Milan and Bari. She has exhibited her artworks in many art galleries and museums throughout Italy.